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Tips to protect deliveries, and keep people from knowing you're on vacation

Dec 1, 2017   [permalink]

Since it seems to be the package stealing time of year :} I thought it might help to share some links I've found useful to keep tabs on packages and mail, and also vacation holds to keep stuff piling up outside when you're out of town...

- UPS "my choice" service lets you get notices when packages are coming and when delivered. You can also set delivery instructions for where to leave packages if you don't want them sitting at the front door. (There's a sort of vacation hold service too, though they charge for some of the options.) -- https://www.ups.com/mychoice/

- Fedex - same deal -- https://www.fedex.com/werl/enrollment.html

- The post office has a nifty new service where they will send you an email with scanned images of the letters they're delivering that day, called "informed delivery", so you can see if any letters were potentially missing (though sometimes they've delivered letters the next day; and it's only for letter-sized envelops, not e.g. manila envelopes). It has a package delivery info system too. -- https://informeddelivery.usps.com/

- The post office also has a great vacation hold system, makes it really easy to stop the mail when going out of town -- https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/

- For folks who still get the Denver Post (hey, good for starting fires in the fireplace), they have a vacation hold system too -- https://myaccount.denverpost.com/login.aspx

What are other people's favorite tips for tracking deliveries, etc.?

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