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A paper-like screen you can roll up and crumple...

May 11, 2011   [permalink]

In the "The Future Has Arrived" department, we now have screens on paper-like material that you can roll up, crumple, etc. Check it out:

[more via Popular Science]

This is on Tyvex, but it doesn't seem a stretch for it to be on a material as thin as regular paper. With which one could bind up, say, 300 sheets of this, and display, like, words on them. So for all those who like the feel of a book with hundreds of pages, a not-too-distant-future ebook reader could look like this:


(And of course with full color, video, interactivity, etc., as if each sheet were a web page or tablet screen. E-ink also said they now have a full color video product, so it isn't that far off.)

How cool is that!

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