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Eek! Heads up: Facebook Hides Messages You May Not Know About

Nov 19, 2011   [permalink]

I just learned that Facebook will silently hide messages to you. No alerts that they arrived, no entry on the dropdown list of recent messages, no red bubbles to indicate anything is there, nothin'. Yes, these are real messages from real people you know.

Go into your Messages screen, and in the navigation area is a little line that says "Other". Nothing else, just "Other." Click on that.

In my case, I found over a dozen real messages to me that I feel terrible I didn't know about. Some dated back a year. (I wonder if there might have been others before them that were just as silently deleted.)

Yeah, there's a little spam in there too, which I assume is the intent of this "Other" category. In my case, two of the twenty messages were what I'd consider real spam -- unsolicted junk from people I don't know. A couple where from organizations I "liked", so it's arguable whether those are spam. One was from... Facebook! But the majority were from real people I knew, messages I would have wanted to know about.

So, heads up. Check your "Other" link. And, uh, check it frequently, since there's no hint when there's something new. :(

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