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Nano-rant... Argh! Why can't web browsers save your form posts if you accidentally close your window???

May 19, 2013   [permalink]

Okay, so I was just writing a lengthy forum post in a browser window, accentially closed the window, and poof, no trace of my post. Argh. It would be so simple if Firefox/Chrome/Explorer just kept a copy of your web form text in case of accident.

Similarly, I like the "tap to zoom" feature of the iPad in the (safari) browser. It zooms so the text of the article you're reading fills the whole width. Simple, elegant. So -- why can't Firefox/Chrome/Explorer/etc. do that on the PC? I'd like to be able to, say, double click in the text area, and have it zoom to the width of the window. Simple concept. I can't find any addon that does this. WTF???

Similarly #2, why can't my android phone show new emails and texts on the lock screen? The iPhone can. People say, "Dude, Android is totally amazingly customizable, it can do anything!"... but, er, not this. (I googled a bit. All I found was some android-fanboy arguing that one shouldn't want this. Argh.) (Okay, I found there's an app to do it -- but you have to pay for it, and using that app has other drawbacks. Geez, this seems like a common thing, I should have to pay for something this basic.) (Oh, and then, why can't my phone show new text messages on the drop down status bar? And new emails? All it does is tell me every-dang-day that I have apps I should update, don't I wanna now, right now huh huh don't I wanna update don't I huh huh? Man, just show me my new emails and texts.)

There are so many things computers could do better. Why aren't browsers, phones, and other software systems getting these kinds of basic, useful features built in? Sheesh. These aren't rocket science.

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