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Most Common Story Titles

Apr 10, 2015   [permalink]

Before I begin...

So, yeah, I've been pretty bad about blogging recently. :) I've got a plan to do something about that. (This post isn't it.) I'll be having a guest blogger take some turns, so watch this space. I think you'll find it quite interesting. Okay, on to this post:

I saw in Neil Clarke's post a list of most-common short story titles submitted to his market.

Interesting, I thought. I wonder what the most common titles have been in Critters. Critters has seen about 25,000 submissions, so it should be a comparable data set. (Compared to his 50,000.)

Well, they are:

    12: The Gift, Sacrifice

    11: Redemption

    10: Choices

    9: Homecoming

    7: Legacy, Inheritance, Faith, Awakening

    6: The Price, The Box, Reunion, Remembrance, Release, Rebirth, Chrysalis, Afterlife,

    5: The Wish, The Voice, The Tunnel, The Other Side, The Hunt, The Changeling, The Calling, Sticks and Stones, Skin Deep, Shadows, Road Rage, Requiem, Reflections, Lost and Found, First Contact, Discovery, Crossing Over, Broken, Avatar, Ashes to Ashes, All That Glitters

    4: The Traveler, The Tower, The Rose, The Prophecy, The Prisoner, The Oracle, The Meeting, The Last, The Invasion, The Interview, The Hive, The Heart of the Matter, The Guardian, The Game, The Book, The Black Rose, The Apprentice, Spare Parts, Smoke and Mirrors, Sixth Sense, Rescue, Keeper, Identity, Hide and Seek, Hero, Freedom, Forever, Empathy, Emergence, Descent, Coming Home, Blood Ties, Birdsong, Anima, Alone, Adrift

Not a single "Dust"! :)

And lots of "Homecoming", but no "Home"; nor "Hunger".

So, me wonders, what are the titles our lists have in common, and not?

Only on his list we find...

Deus Ex Machina, Disconnected, Dust, Flight, Genesis, Going Home, Happiness, Heartless, Home, Hunger, Last Call, Memories, Monsters, Night Terrors, Perchance to Dream, Rain, Red, Skin, The Choice, The Collector, The Dark, The Door, The End, The Fall, The Machine, The Visit, The Wall, Voices

Only on the Critters most common list are...

Afterlife, All That Glitters, Anima, Ashes to Ashes, Avatar, Birdsong, Blood Ties, Choices, Chrysalis, Crossing Over, Descent, Discovery, Emergence, Empathy, Faith, First Contact, Forever, Freedom, Hide and Seek, Identity, Keeper, Redemption, Release, Remembrance, Requiem, Rescue, Reunion, Road Rage, Shadows, Sixth Sense, Smoke and Mirrors, Spare Parts, Sticks and Stones, The Apprentice, The Black Rose, The Book, The Calling, The Changeling, The Game, The Guardian, The Heart of the Matter, The Hive, The Interview, The Invasion, The Last, The Meeting, The Oracle, The Price, The Prophecy, The Rose, The Traveler, The Tunnel, The Voice, The Wish

And, drum roll, on both lists, we have:

Coming Home
Lost and Found
Skin Deep
The Box
The Gift
The Hunt
The Other Side
The Prisoner
The Tower

So, those are your weeners, my friends, titles really really often used.

Go forth and write stories, with, um, not those titles. :)


Okay, so, next time, we'll have us a special guest blogger. Stay tuned!

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