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If you made a movie out of the worst book ever written, would it be the worst movie ever made?

Feb 18, 2011   [permalink]

Someone is going to try! Yes, Atlanta Nights is heading toward the big screen like a train juggernauting through the air, staggering in a strait line like a chicken with it's heads cut offed.

First, a bit of background: Atlanta Nights ( http://critters.org/c/sting ) was created to be, by design, the worst possible book ever written. It was done as a sting operation against claims made by PublishAmerica. Your ol' Critter Captain is one of the many authors behind the travesty that is author Travis Tea, and for good measure I "wrote" an extra chapter using the Bonsai Tree mangling software [ http://critters.org/c/bonsai ]. Gibberish so pure it's funny. The whole book, that is.

Well, filmmaker Rachael Saltzman has optioned Atlanta Nights (proceeds to SFWA's emergency medical fund). She's trying to raise funds to help get the movie made: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1603898280/atlanta-nights-the-movie . The site has a trailer and news.

Once you stop laughing please pass the word along...

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