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W00T! Henry "Nature Futures" Gee's SIEGE OF STARS, Book 1 of The Sigil Trilogy, is now in ARC!

Aug 9, 2012   [permalink]

I'm thrilled to announce that the Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of Henry Gee's amazing book is now available:


This is one of the very best books I've ever read. It's by Henry Gee, senior editor at the esteemed journal Nature, and award-winning editor of their Nature Futures SF short-short series (which you may have submitted to).

It's epic. It spans millions of years, and the whole breadth of the universe. It's extremely well written. It's an awesome story. Here's what it's about:

    The Universe is dying from within. Merlin, a young Drover, has been given the task of stopping the rot. If only she knew where to begin.

    Jack Corstophine is an archaeologist with an intuition about landscape that he can't put into words—until student Jadis Markham comes into his life. Together, they discover that the landscape of Europe is far from natural, but bears the scars of an ancient civilization that goes back millions of years.

    Ruxhana Fengen Kraa, Admiral of the 17th Rigel Fleet, is about to be cashiered for a stupendous tactical error. But Special Ops has another task for him -- something far, far stranger.

    Siege of Stars is the first volume of The Sigil, Henry Gee's epic tale, spanning millions of years and the breadth of the universe.

    (The second and third volumes, SCOURGE OF STARS and RAGE OF STARS, are completed and in production for release within weeks of SIEGE OF STARS.)

It's great science fiction. It's fun, and the characters are wonderful.

(To which which Henry adds, it has Sex, Violence, Hot Aliens, Violent Sex, Sex with Hot Aliens...) :)

Now, it's not published yet. This is an ebook ARC, which means it may have typos, minor formatting issues, etc. It's for those who can't wait to read it. (You also get the final ebook edition when it's released.)

I think you'll really enjoy this. I'm terribly proud to get to publish it. Happy reading!

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