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Kindle - What price for ads would you pay?

Apr 12, 2011   [permalink]

So Amazon has dropped the price of the Kindle $25 (plus another $10 via a $20-for-$10 Amazon gift card) to $114 (or $104 if you count the card) if you'll agree to have ads displayed on the device.

My question to y'all, is that enough of a subsidy to interest you?

You'll have the Kindle for years, so is that enough, or would the ads not bother you at all?

I've long thought that books will end up with ads so I'm not surprised, though I'm not sure myself if that $25/35 is worth it. (My hunch is they're just trying it out to see how popular it is, and they'll be steadily dropping the price toward zero to determine the price elasticity.)


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