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Looking for Beta Testers for Smartlinks for Smashwords Authors

Dec 13, 2014   [permalink]

Looking for some beta testers! If you publish through Smashwords, and want to include promotional links to your other titles, but can't because Apple doesn't allow non-Apple links—and you would, of course, want your links to point elsewhere outside of the Apple edition... Then I've got a solution for you to check out.

We developed a "smart link" at ReAnimus Press to solve this, and I've just put a public interface on it so any other Smashwords authors can use it. The smart links seem to work well (and Apple has been satisfied); I haven't found any bugs in the public interface, but I could use some help making sure the public interface to it is working correctly.

So if you publish multiple books with Smashwords (otherwise this wouldn't be of use to you), drop by here—


—and enter the info for your Smashwords titles. Then you can put the actual smartlinks into your books and update them at Smashwords; that part works great and we've had them approved for Premium status. Let me know if you find any problems or confusing bits. Thanks!

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