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One of the Best Books I've Ever Read

Aug 31, 2012   [permalink]

THE SIGIL TRILOGY by Henry Gee is one of the best books I've ever read, including classics. I don't say that lightly; I really think it's top-notch, award-caliber. So I'm really happy to say I'm publishing it under the ReAnimus Press moniker. Yeah, I know, I'm the publisher and I'm supposed to be enthusiastic — but I'm publishing this because I think it's an awesome book.

It's by Henry Gee, senior editor at the esteemed journal Nature,, award-winning editor of their Nature Futures SF short-short series, and author of a dozen or so books.

We've had lots of enthusiasm from early readers, so I'm encouraged that it's not just my taste, but that it really is a great book. SF Grandmaster Michael Moorcock had this to say about it: "Great stuff. Touches of Douglas Adams, Barrington Bayley, David Britton and Steve Ayelet only emphasise the splendid originality of this book. Henry Gee is thoughtful, funny, original. And pretty thoroughly mind-expanding in the tradition of Wells, David Lindsay, Stapledon and Clarke. In fact everything you yearn to find in a good contemporary SF novel. Really enjoyed it!"

Here's what it's about:

From Nature Editor Henry Gee comes a story of breathtaking scope and beloved characters. Spanning millions of years and the breadth of the universe, The Sigil Trilogy is an epic tale that explores the nature of humanity, belief, and love.

The Universe is dying from within. No one knows how to save it, so the Elders give a young Drover a last ditch chance to stop the rot. If only she knew where to begin.

Unaware of the threat to the universe, Ruxhana Fengen Kraa, Admiral of the 17th Rigel Fleet, is about to be cashiered for a stupendous tactical error. But Special Ops has an important and most bizarre job for him.

Eons away in time, Jack Corstophine is an archaeologist on Earth with an intuition about the land that he can't put into words—until the beautiful and brilliant Jadis Markham comes into his life. Together, they discover that the landscape of Europe is far from natural. The Earth bears the scars of an ancient civilization that goes back millions of years — and has terrible implications for the future of mankind.

Available from:

ReAnimus Press - ebook edition (mobi/epub)

ReAnimus Press - print edition (via Amazon)

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The Sigil Trilogy traces the lives of compelling characters — people... entities... and... species... — through time and space. It's magnificent in background, beautifully written, and with the most memorable characters. The Sigil Trilogy is spellbinding, funny, thoughtful, and touching all at the same time. Complete with complex mysteries, massive battles, romance, hot aliens, steampunk cities, good scotch, armageddon, it's all here — you won't be able to put it down.

Siege of Stars is the first volume of The Sigil Trilogy, Henry Gee's incredible opus.

The second and third volumes, SCOURGE OF STARS and RAGE OF STARS, are completed and in production for release within weeks of SIEGE OF STARS. (In fact, the second volume is available now as an electronic Advance Reader Copy).

I know it'll sound corny, but it's true: I genuinely think you'll enjoy THE SIGIL TRILOGY. Check it out, and do let me know what you think of it.

(And, if you're really a fan, tell all your friends to check out www.ReAnimus.com/sigil .) :)

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