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New eBookstore - http://critique.org/c/store

Apr 19, 2011   [permalink]

Various Critterfolk have suggested recently that it would be cool if Critters had an ebookstore for works by Critters, especially noting in each case that they'd be willing to share a percent of their sales with the Critters fund drive.

So, I asked the minions what they thought about this idea, and they scurried off to work as they're wont to do, returning later saying, Yes, take a look at this: http://critique.org/c/store

And thus we now have a Critter Members' Store! I think it's a cool idea. Any member can put up their ebooks for sale — and we also have some music from an illustrious member of the group, an actual #1-hit-song Motown singer, Charlene, who just happens to be a member of the workshop.

So if you read ebooks definitely check it out, and if you have ebooks you're selling, you can read the "Info" and "Add Yours" links.

Authors benefit, readers benefit, and Critters benefits, so it's a perfect trifecta. Those ideas are few and far between. Have a look, buy some ebooks :) spread the word, and let me know what you think.

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