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Olympics coverage in prime time: Booooooooringgggg.

Aug 2, 2012   [permalink]

NBC's prime time olympics coverage... booooooringgggg. Swimming, gymnastics, swimming, gymnastics, swimming, gymnastics, swimming, gymnastics... Funny, but I thought there were other events at the olympics, like archery, weight lifting, wrestling, fencing, rowing, table tennis, shot put, javelin throwing, and on and on and on and on. I enjoy -some- swimming and gymnastics, but SURELY they could spread the coverage around more evenly to all the other gazillion sporting events.

This may be covered somewhere during the day or online or whatever, but I'm not going to go hunting it down. I enjoy watching competitions in a variety of events. (And in HD.) If NBC won't spread around the events in prime time, and just hammers on the same type of events hour after hour, night after night, then I'll just not watch. Boring.

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