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Survey time! How do you like your trilogies?

Oct 12, 2012   [permalink]

http://reanimus.com/trilogysurvey has a short survey on reading habits for trilogies that I'm conducting.

It's only a couple questions, won't take but a few seconds. There's also a little treat at the end. :)

I'm eager to see the results. I have my opinions, but from discussions with others I'll be curious what the consensus is.

I'll blog about the results when they're in. Meanwhile, you can view the current results, as well as see people's comments.


And while we're at it:

Nifty book of the day... THE STORY OF LIGHT by Ben Bova.

ReAnimus Press Store: http://ReAnimus.com/store?item=1233
Amazon: http://Amazon.com/dp/B00960YTI4

In this all-encompassing work, one of the most famous science fiction as well as nonfiction writers of our time explores the subject of light and shows how it has shaped every aspect of our existence.

From the creation of life to the exploration of the heavens and the stars, from the origins of the earth to the possibility of life on distant planets, Ben Bova unveils the beauty and science behind the phenomenon of light. Dr. Bova masterfully explains how light affects us every day of our lives, from our religions to our sex drives, as well as how we use light in art, science, industry, entertainment, cosmetics, jewelry, and much more.

Why do people kiss with their eyes closed? Why is it difficult to swat a mosquito? What do we "see" when we dream?

"The enlightenment of discoveries and the brilliance of Ben Bova combine to enable our minds to glimpse the majesty of the infinite worlds of light in the universe."
—Buzz Aldrin

"Superbly written—a banquet of topics served by a master literary chef!"
—Bill Pogue, astronaut

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