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Best Idea Contest

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Add to the Prize Kitty

If you'd like see good ideas get rewarded — you can donate $ to the Best Idea Contest prize kitty.

The contest winner gets ½ of anything people donate toward the prize kitty; second place gets ¼ of the bonus kitty; ¼ of the donation goes as a contribution to Critique.org's fund drive. Critique.org is a free, non-profit workshop for writers and creators of all types.

If you could have anything, what would be the coolest thing to have? Enter your answer to a question like,

  • The world would be a better place if _______
  • An invention I'd like to see is _______
  • It would be cool if _______

Enter your ideas and discuss ideas here, and most importantly VOTE below!

I love thinking about how the future could be a better place, and sometimes just talking about ideas gets people thinking. (Would cell phones have been created if Star Trek hadn't shown the communicator?) So mainly this is for fun... But to make it more interesting, there's prize money for the favorite ideas.

The winner gets $50 (plus ½ of anything people donate toward the prize kitty). Second prize is $25 (plus ¼ of the bonus kitty; ¼ goes to Critique.org's fund drive).

Contest runs through Jan. 31, 2010. Winners will be announced here.


—Andrew Burt

[Dr. Andrew Burt is a science fiction writer, founder of the world's first Internet service provider, and runs the critique.org workshops. Contact: http://www.aburt.com ]

Leader Board & Voting

Congrats to the winners of the 2010 contest!

The next contest will start later this year. Critique.org Best Idea Contest -

Click here to add a new entry.

The leaders are below, in order by score to date.

When voting below, be sure to click the title for the description and comments so you know exactly what you're voting for.

Vote nothing or 0-10 for any of the following (0/blank=no vote, 1=interesting ... 10=best ever; decimals are okay):

VoteIdea (pts so far)
Cure For Lyme Disease (203)
The Ultimate Renewable Energy Source (46)
Terraforming Starseeds (46)
Adaptive Environmental Suit (39)
DDVR (Dream DVR) (34)
Self-Driving Cars (32)
Time Machine (31)
Human Photosynthesis! (29)
Quantum Communications (28)
Smut 2.0 (28)
Self Editing Novels (24)
Classes in Government Required to Qualify to Vote (23)
Dinner plates that keep your food hot (23)
Sleep Inducer (23)
GPS Implants (20)
Fond Memories Telepathic Photo Generator (19)
Cold Food Assurance (19)
Robotic Companions (14)
Solar Powered Space Elevator (13)
Ubiquitous Internet (13)
Quantum Entangled Router (12)
Tasty Paste (12)
Disintegrating firing pins. (12)
Space cows on probiotics (12)
epigenetics (11)
Recharging Clothing (10)
Autistic Social Cue Augmenter (10)
Using our brains (9)
One Massive Slush Pile (9)
Downloadable Job Skills (7)
Relativistic Warehousing (7)
"BrainWaveCap" which has the following functions (6)
Southern California Sun Blaster (5)
Cell phone with an integrated, self-bonding earpiece. (3)
A new organism (2)
Smart Email (1)
Electric K Car (1)
Vertical Gardens Feeding the Hungry! (1)
Wide Belt To Fit Around Belly To Exercise For You (1)
Triple Down (1)

This voting site is operated by Andrew Burt

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(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting to avoid typos.)

Your email address is required to validate your vote. (It will be kept strictly confidential and not used for mailing lists, etc.)

Your email address:
(Email to finalize your vote will be sent to you when you submit this form. Please add bestidea_noreply@critique.org to your approved senders list to receive the email. You only need to validate your email address once. Do not send email to this address; it is not read. You may only vote once per item in each category; a subsequent vote for the same item in the same category will override your prior vote.)

Remember your email address for later? (This will set a cookie with your email address so it can be filled in automatically into other voting categories now and when you return. You can uncheck the box and clear your cookies to remove it.)

To prevent automated submissions, please enter the two words (and help proofread scanned texts :). (If you've already clicked the email validation you can skip this test.)

Return to the Best Idea Contest Home Page

How to Enter an Idea

To enter an idea to have people vote for, visit the voting forum here and create a new topic inside the "Best Idea Contest" forum. You can log in using your Facebook account, Critters login, or register for the site; this is to prevent spam while still allowing for detailed descriptions and discussions. Be sure to put your email address in your user profile in the user control panel so I can contact you if you win. You can enter as many ideas as you want. They need not be your own ideas, just anything you would like to see.

How Voting Works

Votes are the sum of all 1-10 ratings posted by voters. To vote either enter your vote using the form above, or you may alternatively post a message in the thread for the idea you like, where the first thing is the message body is your numeric vote. Vote a 10 if you really like the idea, less for your 2nd, 3rd, etc. favorites. After your numeric vote, share any thoughts you might have about it.

The score for an idea is the sum of all votes from each unique voter.

Notes: One vote per person. You can vote again but your last vote is the one that's counted, so a 10 vote followed by a 9 vote means only your 9 is counted. Votes greater than 10 count as 10. You can vote for your own idea (easiest is probably to start out your first post, describing the idea, with the number 10 or whatever you want to vote for it).

Posts that don't begin with a number aren't counted (so it's safe to discuss an idea in typical forum style; only if a post starts with a number will it get treated as a vote; just be sure that one of your posts has your vote).

Anyone can enter an idea, anyone can vote.

So go, Enter! Discuss! Vote!


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