StoryBundle is looking for horror submissions

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StoryBundle is looking for horror submissions

Postby crit28869 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:43 pm

Hi guys.

I am a curator for StoryBundle this year, and we still have one or two slots open to round out a horror bundle we'll be releasing late spring/early summer. StoryBundle is very similar to Humble Bundle and works on a PWYW sliding scale, with part of the profits going to charity, and the rest split between the participating authors. It is an excellent way to gain exposure for your work and to be listed with some well known and often times bestselling authors.

This bundle is for horror ebooks, so if you have an author-published or traditionally published Horror / Dark Fantasy book you think you'd like to include, head over to our submission FAQ at You should hopefully find answers to any other questions there. If not, I'm happy to do my best to answer them.

To be clear since this is a non-traditional publishing situation, these are NON-exclusive rights, meaning, it impacts nothing of what you're publishing elsewhere. No rights are transferred to us, you just allow us to include the book in the bundle.

There's no hard deadline here, but we'd like to get this locked in by the end of March. So if you're a horror author, and think you'd like to see your work up there with us, swing by the link and drop us a submission.

I'll paste the FAQ just for clarity:

FAQ page is here.
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