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Brand new and looking for some help, in person

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:05 pm
by crit26409
Hi there. I'm up here in the boonies of Northern Maine and am writing my first book. Very Tom Clancy but a whole lot more involved in both plot's (there are at least 4 sub-plot's going at any one point in time), politics, multiple character's points of view (within each sub-plot), very real time technology, a bit of real romance and love (not the 'mucky' kind :oops: ) and history that a lot of folk's might find hitting a bit close to home :oops: . It covers a lot, no doubt. But if your gonna tell a story, as I've frequently read, you tell it in it's entirety, not dribble it out like Bourbon as a bar with a cheapskate bartender.

I write in Open Office 3.3.0 and am at Ch 21, with each chapter running about 25 to 45 pages @ 1.5 line spacing using Arial 12. I'm trying to use an accepted format for use as a chapter model page but there are so many that the ones used and outlined by Pam McCutcheon are now my standard. if anyone out there has a better suggestion or model, please, let me know. I'll be happy to make the change.

I've tried to find a reader for my book but the web-type response I've gotten has been sorry at best. I've already had 1 reader try to scoop my storyline with a publisher. Cut him off real quick ! :evil: A real body would be very much appreciated. There are no writer's groups up here. Wish there were.

Re: Brand new and looking for some help, in person

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:14 am
by crit9098
1) I am not a Clancy fan. He needs to start spending some bucks to get a professional crit and work on his mechanics. 2) While an old hand, a popular writer, might get away with more than one protag, it rarely works with the rest of us. 3) He seems to know little of Amerian Indian history except from a liberal POV and a lot of us stopped reading his material after he blew it on the Viking story, what a mess :) But, I can take a look at some of it, if you want. you'll find me on Critters.