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Bad Target

Postby stevesh » Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:14 pm

We don't have any Super Targets in mid-Michigan, so i can'y verify your experience, but it sure sounds like buying nearly-outdated food is part of their business model. Seems kind of un-Target-like, but I don't shop there much, so i may be reacting to the polish of their advertising.

We're lucky here in that the dominant grocery chain is Meijer, who do a great job with outdated products (in my experience) especially fresh foods like meat and dairy. 'Course, Meijer does most everything else very well too.
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Re: Bad Target

Postby crit4889 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:39 am

Target is anti-union - I wouldn't shop there anyway. (Google Target union - interesting reading.) If you feel contempt for your workers, it's not too surprising you feel contempt for your customers and sell outdated, or near the sell by date, food. Sometimes it doesn't matter and if it's marked down and labelled as such where you know what you're getting, fine.

I grew up in a union household - my father worked on the factory floor, was union rep, and declined a promotion because he would have been in admin and had to leave the union. His good union job meant I could go to university, end up with a PhD. So I'm fairly obsessive about "looking for the label, the union label"...
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Re: Bad Target

Postby crit27368 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:31 pm

In all fairness, food expiration dates are a fairly arbitrary thing. Of course some products really do go bad close to or on their exp. date (some produce, for instance). We do almost half of out shopping at an Amish discount store that buys things from grocery suppliers/stores that are are close to or past their exp. date and sells them cheaply. In five years of buying salad dressings, cereals, canned goods, coffee, etc. there, we have only once or twice found anything that was noticeably past its prime. You'll find Starbucks coffee for less than $3.00 a bag sometimes.

NPR did a nice piece on expiration dates this fall, though the focus was actually on food auctions:
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