Want .doc/.docx format, or a plain text download

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Want .doc/.docx format, or a plain text download

Postby crit27980 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:28 am

I have found the critiquing of text files to be overly burdensome. Of particular note is the requirement to delete all non-critiqued lines. This is a huge waste of time.rr

I critique in several groups, and I do it by adding comments to the .doc/.docx files. While I agree with the FAQ that not everyone can read these, could we get these files via a download link in the email?

I have not been active for a couple years because using email on my iPad is an extremely frustrating mechanism. I use Word on my iPad to do all my critiques. If I could use Word, I would be active again; otherwise, I should simply drop out.

If the submission is a pure text file, I would still want a link; I could import it to Word and comment on the imported text. Even trying to extract the text from an email on an iPad is frustrating. But as soon as I have to start deleting lines, I have found that the cost to me is so high that I do not even want to start. It often took me more time to do the selective line deletion than it did to do the critique. This was no longer viable, and I stopped. In particular, I sometimes deleted lines earlier than made later critiques hard to understand. For example, on what might have been page 3 there is a description of a nine-foot green alien, and on what might have been page 27 the alien is six feet tall and bright orange. I had no critique of the lines on the hypothetical page 3, and they got deleted. But a critique of the lines on page 27, given the text was not paginated, I can't even refer back to the earlier lines, because they were deleted. I consider the whole mechanism to be lose-lose. Yes, you have been doing it for 21 years, but how many more critiques might you have gotten done in that time if the mechanism had been more seamless? I cannot be the only person frustrated by the format requirements.
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