And end to Intellectual Property...

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And end to Intellectual Property...

Postby cj7hawk » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:20 pm

OK, I know a lot of people ( quite likely within this group ) won't agree to me, but I hope for a future without imaginary property.

Rarely even does IP law get used for anything positive. It's mostly just robber barons putting up tollbooths wherever they think they can get away with it.

It's quite likely that without IP laws, we would have commercial space travel and other similar technologies already.

For what it's worth I've written patents before ( One of my former bosses now owns the patent on the "Steering Wheel" an the "Formula for a circle" after a practical joke went awry and got patented... ) *sigh*...

But inventors usually do what they do because they love it and industrial secrets protect the most advanced technologies anyway.

And since I'm probably going to get lambasted for my comments, I'll throw in copyright for good measure. Copyright doesn't really help a lot of people in this digital day and age, except perhaps those who don't do anything creative to begin with. What few protections are needed should be wrapped up with moral rights and made impossible to transfer or lose... Ever... Corporations claiming ownership of everything destroys any real value that the original authors had for creating works in the first place. Royalties should be only owned by an individual or estate for the periods similar to originally proposed and then those works should be placed in the public domain.

Anyway, why Copyright and not IP to be protected? Because something has to exist to be copyrighted...

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Re: And end to Intellectual Property...

Postby crit24668 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:32 am


For what it's worth I agree with you. The fact that the original programing for the internet was open source is why it took off in an exponential fashion. Wikipedia is huge for the same reason. We would move ahead as a culture much more quickly and safely if we left capitalism and all its ownership issues behind us.

T. P. Alexanders
T. P. Alexanders
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Re: And end to Intellectual Property...

Postby crit29401 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:17 am

I was part of one of those "let's all get drunk and start a poetry society" in universty things... strange since I try to avoid poetry. Anyway, the founding memever was a beautiful woman, but mad as a snake. The one thing she told me which really stuck was that if you are recieving inspiration, random out of the blue creativity, etc - it is something which is not coming from you, and thys it is not your property - "if you have people talking to you - it is because there is something they want to say" - and as such, it is a crime to keep it to yourself, but more of a crime to claim it as your own.

My personal views are that (as far as my research has revealed/pending evidence to the contrary) most emerging writers don't actually want money - ok, that sounds stupid, I mean who doesn't?, but bear with me - what they are looking for is recognition. Intelectual property laws basically turn artists into prostitutes, make their work "their property" as long as it is really the property of some other institution, and worst of all comodify thier creativity (or, so as not to be bitten by my crazy friend -thier "openness to creative forces"[?]).

I have been writing stories of ~ variable quality ~ and sharing them freely with anyone who wants to read them for some time. I survive by prostituting myself in other ways - sure, it would be nice to be regarded as the new great thing for a few weeks and earn huge ammounts, but I'd rather get recognition and know that what I made came from me or those people talking to me without some company telling me to churn out a sequel.
If someone steals my stuff and makes money out of it, so be it, at least I'll know that I'm good enough to be earning money - they can't produce more, I can - and these forms of theft are more likely under opressive intelectual propery laws in any case.

-that's all I know, thanks.
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