Love and Peace for Him and Her

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Love and Peace for Him and Her

Postby jillianlove2 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:22 pm

it would be grand to live in a world where love and acceptance is the default. where people tall and short, loved and unloved, are all confident enough to be comfortable being who they are and thus are comfortable being around other people who are expressing their creativity. Love for him and love for her. Equality.
live more, love right. i enjoy famous love poems especially romantic poetry.
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Re: Love and Peace for Him and Her

Postby Omniscient POV » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:08 pm

We already have that.
"Horses are God's apology for men"
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Omniscient POV
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Re: Love and Peace for Him and Her

Postby crit18373 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:35 pm

A young woman I know was shocked and annoyed when a guitar player she has a crush on asked her out. Her mom thinks it was because she had started dating another boy and was smiling all of the time.

make of that what you will.
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