Spread the word to site admins that disallow announcements

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Spread the word to site admins that disallow announcements

Postby admin » Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:09 am

There are two purposes to this "Related Sites" forum. One side of the coin, as you've presumably read by now, is to share information about sites that welcome project announcements. This topic is about the other side of the coin:

Contacting admins of sites that disallow posting project announcements, who consider them as spam, in order to (1) educate them why this is a poor policy and encourage them to improve their policy; and (2) encourage them to refer their users to the Innovation Forum after they attempt to post such announcements on their sites (if they are disinterested in updating their policy to permit such).

My suggestion is, when you find a forum that disallows project announcements as "spam", that you send their admins a note something like this:

Hi, I understand your site disallows members from posting announcements and discussing their own projects (non-commercial or commercial). I sympathize with the need to remove true spam, but I feel it can have a harmful effect on the overall pace of innovation and benefit to society when "spam" is defined so broadly as to include announcements of one's own projects. Without such announcements the world would not have learned about Linux, Perl, PHP, .ZIP files, and many other extremely beneficial projects. Please see the extended examination of why these kind of announcements are not "spam", entitled "Necessity is the Assassin of Innovation", by Dr. Andrew Burt (the founder of the world's first public Internet access, which was created as a bastion of free speech). The article is at: http://critique.org/assass.ht

I would like to ask you to consider doing two things:

1) Please consider revising your policy as suggested there, to allow and encourage users to announce and discuss their own projects. Preferably in any forum, but, at a minimum, in a forum dedicated to that purpose.

2) If you are unable to revise your posting guidelines in that manner, please consider directing your users to the Innovation Forum if they violate your guidelines by discussing their own projects.

Thank you.

Or edit to taste. But please encourage admins to improve their policies, and if not, at least refer "violators" here so they can get their projects announced to some degree. Thanks -- we all will benefit.
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