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Postby crit29401 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:48 am

You know what good wonderful little me did?
Well, I went and made this entire D&D style pencil and paper RPG and released it free as public domain (acutally I just chucked the PDF at people and said do whatever you like with it) - I mean it was a lot of work I was giving away, but then I was very bored at the time of making it, so...
That is irrelevant!
Because I'm such a wonderful person I decided to go one better, and not only make a game nobody ever plays, but actually program a computerised version - I kept the game play the same, simple, it worked out nicely.

But only one problem - can you guess? Yes, that's it, I can't program worth two tears in a bucket of elephant semen! So I got my brother to start it in Python (they say it's a very easy langauge to learn - they lie!) and I kind of force-taught myself from there - frequently fogetting large portions of what I have learnt. I found it far easier to do the millions of frames of retro-style graphics - there is no animation, but I did individual sprites for each character / monster class and in different types of armor and with different weapons.
Well I got to the female Ogre, she's beautiful if I do say so myself.
Being uncouth sorts, Ogres don't wear much - considering that she was 20 pixels high, max, I was delighted by how much character I got into her - with her Judge Dread mouth, her beer-belly and heavy breasts and her blacksmith arms.
Problem was, I had to put armor on her, and that kind of funny little sash thing she was wearing didn't look good with armor - so I removed it and drew a topless female Ogre - yes I know, I'm a really horrible sick person for drawing nude 20 pixel high characters! -If my mother knew... Anyway, I didnt' save the topless base, only the ones with -still slightly revealing - armor. It didn't show the 4 pixel nipples (in the game that is the same size as a human fist!).

But I got round to thinking:
why not?

I mean most modern games with thier mind-blowing graphics have nudity patches people can download. Why can't my crappy turn-based pixel art RPG also have one? I mean if someone's so irrevocably fucked that they get anything out of it, that they bother to download the nudity patch - then they probalby need it! Well, that's what I think anyway.
It's like the green socks thing.
There's this really creepy guy who for some reason noone understands gets turned on by people wearing green socks.
People's responses range from burning all green socks and swearing never to wear them again, to putting on green socks and walking past the poor lost soul on a regular basis to see their reaction.
I mean, when does a sock become indecent?

Same with my game.
I sincerely doubt that above mentioned idea will incite anyone to commit unpleasant acts against women or children! I mean why not ban ascii porn while we're at it? See what I'm getting at, it's just ridiculous.

Any thoughts or suggestions on my project? Bearing in mind please that the graphics are about 45% complete and the code is... perhaps 25% complete - meaning it will be a few years before I start drawing nude frames for characters if I ever get round to that.

Oh, yes and I'm also supposed to be working on one of those Lone Wolf or Fighting Fantasy style choose your own adventure stories for the game - if anyone is interested in helping write that I'll send you the PDF of the game so you can see how the system/gameplay works. Also bear in mind that if you do send anything in, it will be taken as public domain, unless you write and publish it yourself, in which case I'd only ask that you include a copy of the game rules, etc... and that while I wouldn't dream of robbing you of the fruit of your creative labor, you keep the game part public domain, only copyrighting your story. The PDF with game rules, system etc... has been posted on various forums already over the years, with specific instructions that this is released as public domain (as if anyone showed enough interest to try and steal it)

Ps: I'm not drunk, I'm always like this.
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