Desperately seeking ex critter David J. Williams!!!!

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Desperately seeking ex critter David J. Williams!!!!

Postby crit27437 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:44 pm

Hi guys,

yes, his name is David Jonathan Williams which means I can't find him on the Internet as Google is dominated by his more famous namesake. He's also known under his musical stage name David Aramor.

His novella, Free Fall, was critted here in, let me see, 2001 - a long time! Now it's just been published in Russia, in my translation, and he's changed his email address since so I can't find him to tell him the good news!

Please guys, if anyone happens to know about David's whereabouts, please let him know I'm looking for him. My name is Elaine Freeland ) he knows - and I can be contacted at this address:

I know my chances are slim to say the least, but miracles happen...

Thanks a lot in advance!

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