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CritTech question - 05241606 - Continuing Membership

PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2018 10:06 pm
by CrittersMinion
Web form question for CritTechers:

Name: Clark Sodersten

Subject: Continuing Membership

Workshop: critters


I am a current member. I live part of the year in
the EU (Spain) and part of the year in the US
(Hawaii). I am a US citizen. I have no idea how
that would affect your liability with regard to
the new laws.

If I need only to use the site when I'm in the
US, I could manage that, though it may be too
complicated and/or risky for you. My
participation rate is currently over 500%, so
even if I don't participate while in the EU, I
think I can keep up.

My password seems to be working at the moment,
and I have a story up this week, so, at a
minimum, if there's any way I can keep going
through next Wednesday, that would be great.

Clark Sodersten