One Massive Slush Pile

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One Massive Slush Pile

Postby dreamlounge » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:26 am


What about a central submission hub, a place where the finished, but unpublished, work of authors may be found by editors and bid upon? I know this isn't flashy sci-fi, nor is it beyond our current technology, but I'd take it over any run-of-the-mill technological wonder myself and I suspect it would require just as many cultural heroics to implement. What advantages/disadvantages do you see?

Possible advantages:
* smaller publications could get bigger name authors by outbidding more than established publications
* bidding wars might raise the pay rates for all authors
* if quality rises to the top, some careers may launch sooner
* creation of the short story superstar earning six figures for a single work ;)

Possible disadvantages:
* temporary black listing of the fools ;) who first try to buck the current system
* if quality rises to the top, some careers may tank sooner
* may be harder to break in to the scene with average work

* what would editors do when faced with all, or most, of the available speculative fiction in one heap?
Name: Michael Alim Carychao
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Re: One Massive Slush Pile

Postby crit4889 » Mon May 14, 2012 8:04 pm

I read somewhere that the New Yorker had box after box of submissions - all unread, but not unrejected. (This was before online submissions.) Every optimistic, new would be short story writer began with the New Yorker. I suspect first time SF writers send to Asimov. I think your slush pile would be so high editors would be unable to deal with it.
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