Eco Islands

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Eco Islands

Postby crit29401 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:40 am

• An invention I'd like to see is closer to a system or systems than a single object, yet a type of object will feature strongly.
Huge ships would use wind and solar power (becasue when is it not either sunny or windy out at sea?) to produce electricity, this would be used to electrolyse seawater. The oxygen would be released and the hydrogen would be stored as fuel. Because there is a continious supply of seawater (even polluted seawater would work!) only a comparatively small ammount of hydrogen need be stored as fuel, due to various images of airships blowing up, most people think that large ammounts of hydrogen are not such a good idea! It is possible to implement this plan without storing any hydrogen. The gas in question is several times more efficient than deisel as fuel and the exhaust gasses would be water vapor, this can be condensed for the crew's use as well as for growing plants - the ship need not be MASSIVE since intensive organic gardening methods make it so less land is neccesarry. In additon to producing fresh water and oxygen, the ships could become valuable small scale farms if used correctly, and they could be used to breed and release many endangered ocean fish such as tuna.
The operational costs of such vessels would be minimal and thier benifit to humanity would be immense, the ocean surface would become inhabitable. Further, the idea of living away from many people on a ship with a whole bunch of naked hippy chicks appeals to some who find crowded cities unapealing.

• The world would be a better place if people stopped using resoruces stupidly, such as burning huge quantities of fossil fuels in efforts to "clean up" water or save trees. There was never a struggle between man and the environment, by harming the world around us, we are only killing ourselves, the impact humanity has on the natural world is nowhere near that of extinction-level events of the past. Even if we destroy everything but blue-green algae and bacteria, in a few thousand years things will grow and live again, only we won't be around to see it. For this reason, I think it best we consider "saving the environment" from the perspective of keeping a home for ourselves and our children. Most other geo-engineering ideas are desperate and disgusting methods of doing short-term good and long term harm, I think if we can start gardening on the sea, in such a way that we don't destroy things, we can help matters greatly without ruining anything.

• It would be cool if I could be a pirate and still have fresh fruit/veg.
Name: Patrick Gill
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Re: Eco Islands

Postby crit18373 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:38 pm

"becasue when is it not either sunny or windy out at sea?"

At night in the doldrums? ;)
Name: Robert Dale
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